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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

János Zsemberi

President, FK TSC Topolya

President of the Serbian top-flight Topolyai SC, entrepreneur, named the most successful businessman of the year in Vojvodina in 2020, and recently elected vice-president of the Serbian Football Federation. Topolya SC finished the current season in second place in the Serbian league's regular season with the best top-flight performance in its history.

  • The identity of football
    15:50-16:30: National Identity in Football Roundtable - Hall of top scorers

    Topolya is located in central Vojvodina, Serbia, 44 km from the Hungarian border. The football academy of Topolya was inaugurated in September 2018 and built with government support from Hungary. The academy there plays a community-building and identity-forming role for Hungarians. The academy offers young Hungarians from across the border the opportunity to develop their skills and talents, strengthening the talent base of Hungarian football. The academy supports the preservation of Hungarian culture, language and traditions among young players, strengthening Hungarian identity and sense of belonging.

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