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23 April 2024
Groupama Arena Budapest

Tamás Hajnal

Sporting Director, Ferencvárosi Torna Club

He retired from professional football in 2018, having previously played 59 times for the Hungarian national team and spent almost his entire career in Germany, apart from a brief spell in Belgium. He played 149 games in one of the best leagues in Europe, the Bundesliga, and celebrated a championship title with Borussia Dortmund before returning to Ferencváros towards the end of his career, winning the championship once again and the Hungarian Cup three times. After his retirement, he began working for Ferencváros, first as sports coordinator and then as sports director. His transfer policy has played a huge role in Fradi's fifth consecutive qualification for the group stage of the international cup this season. For the price of the Fradi players sold to the top leagues, FTC has been able to sign a number of good players in recent seasons, twice making it past the group stage in European cups.

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