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23 April 2024
Groupama Arena Budapest

Yuri Dell'Atti

Chief Data Analyst, Bologna FC 1909

Yuri Dell'Atti is currently the Chief Data Analyst at Bologna FC in the Italian football league. He is an engineer in the study of players and other data and information. Researcher and developer of the famous manager game Football Manager. He has significant experience with various clubs in the Italian Serie A, B and C, as well as in foreign leagues. In about 9 years, he has built one of the largest databases in the world, with one million players and staff present worldwide. For about five years, he has been studying in detail the data and formulas of baseball, the sabermetrics, successfully managing to transform them and bring them into football. He managed to design algorithms capable of choosing the player who will be able to give his best in the future team and testing him before he arrives at the club, with the ability to understand in advance, with formulas, the possible costs of the transfer or the possible salary requested.

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