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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

Steven Vanharen

Football and Recruitment Director, United World

Steven is the football and recruitment director of United World. He's responsible for the football and recruitment processes of the five clubs United World owns/supports (Sheffield united Fc, Beerschot AV, LB Chateauroux, Al Hilal United and Kerala United). At UW, they have set clear goals for the development and expansion of their football philosophy and recruitment strategies. They have restructured the existing academy models and brought the youth teams and talent development closer to the first team.

  • Recruitment strategy as part of a long term football philosophy
    10:30-13:00: Key note presentations - Hall of Champions

    By having a well-defined recruitment strategy, a team can identify and attract talented players that fit their football philosophy, leading to better team cohesion, performance, and results. But what are the key elements of a successful recruitment strategy in football? How can recruitment strategies be integrated into a team's overall philosophy and playing style? What are the potential risks and benefits of implementing a recruitment strategy, and how can they be managed effectively? How important is player development and youth recruitment in building a successful team?


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