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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

Olivier Jarosz

Board Member, LTT Sports

Olivier leads an independent advisory sports firm, called LTT sports, which is providing bespoke solutions to C-levels Executives.  He is a leading practitioner in football club strategies specialising in club football insights with an extensive knowledge and expertise of clubs at all levels, youth academy assessments as well as club operations. Over 10 years of experience in charge of R&D efforts at the European Club Association (ECA) masterminding several innovative and industry-leading publications related to topics such as Club Management, Women’s Football & Youth Academies.

  • Is #Bottom49 football (competitive) viable post 2024?
    12:00-13:00: Trends in football - Hall of Cup winners

    Professional sports organisations are traditionally under pressure to deliver sporting results, which firmly places the focus on the short term. Just as it takes time to deliver a polished performance and a challenging game on the pitch, it also takes time to build the backbone of a club. However, it makes a difference which path we take for ourselves. Just as winning games requires a coherent, cohesive strategy, so too does the business side have to be right and the backdrop has to be such that the club can execute it perfectly - and within a reasonable, sensible timeframe.

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