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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

György Szöllősi

President, Hungarian Sports Journalists' Association

György Szöllősi has been editor-in-chief of the daily Nemzeti Sport since 2016, president of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association since 2015, a board member of the European section of the International Association of Sports Journalists (AIPS) since 2017 and vice-president since 2019. In 2010, he became the founding editor-in-chief of the Hungarian edition of the football magazine FourFourTwo and in 2017 he was appointed official Ambassador of the Hungarian Football Tradition by the President of the Republic. As head of the Puskás Institute, he has organised exhibitions in Madrid, Manchester, Athens and other cities. He played a key role in the establishment of the Puskás Suzuki Cup, the FIFA Puskás Award and the repatriation of Ferenc Puskás' trophies from Spain.

  • Fireside chat
    14:00-14:30: Carreer Interview - Hall of Cup winners

    How has the role of a player agent evolved over the past four decades? In what ways have new technologies and data analytics impacted the work of player agents? How has globalization affected the player agent industry and the way agents scout and recruit talent? What challenges do player agents face in today's football landscape compared to decades past?

  • Reinstatement of Hungarian Football between 2010-2023
    10:30-13:00: Key note presentations - Hall of Champions

    How have infrastructural developments affected the performance of sport in the medium term? Why is it important to consider sports a strategic sector in a country, and what positive effects on the national economy can we already see thanks to developments and results in Hungary?

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