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2023. május 30.
Groupama Arena Budapest

Orosz Pál

Vezérigazgató, FTC Labdarúgó Zrt.

Pál Orosz has been the CEO of Ferencváros, Hungary's most popular club, since 2011. Orosz has been active in the European Club Association (ECA) for many years, where he was elected to the Club Rights Task Force. He represents Ferencváros and works with representatives of star clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus. By decision of the ECA Board, Orosz is also a member of the ECA Marketing Working Group.

  • How to sell players to the Top Five Leagues
    15:20-16:40: Road to Top Leagues - Bajnokcsapat terem

    When he started working at Ferencváros, the club was in a very difficult situation. Today, Fradi has qualified for the group stage of a European Cup competition four years in a row and has sold players to all of Europe's top five leagues over the past decade. How did Fradi become one of the best teams in Central Europe? How did you manage to sell players to the top leagues for much more money than they were bought for?