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2023. május 30.
Groupama Arena Budapest

Thomas Lintz

Managing Director, Transfermarkt

Thomas is the Managing Director of Transfermarkt, which is the leading digital football platform for facts, statistics and community. Transfermarkt offers the world's largest football database with all information about players, clubs and competitions as well as one of the largest football communities and playground for anyone who wants to communicate and exchange insights. 

  • The Revolution of data in football
    14:30-15:30: Revolution of Football Data Roundtable - Kupagyőztes terem

    The world of football has entered a new era, one where data reigns supreme. Thanks to the football data revolution, teams can now make smarter decisions when it comes to player recruitment, game strategies, and performance analysis, all of which are essential to success in today's highly competitive environment. By leveraging cutting-edge data analytics, teams can unearth hidden talents, fine-tune their game plans, and achieve superior performance on the field. Simply put, the use of data is no longer an option, but a necessity for any team looking to gain a competitive edge and achieve greatness in the modern game.

    Moderator: Didem Dilmen, Communications director, Comparisonator