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2023. május 30.
Groupama Arena Budapest

Stuart Whittall

Head of Sales, TransferRoom

Stuart is Head of Sales at TransferRoom. TransferRoom enables football clubs, agents and players to succeed in the transfer market by providing real-time market intelligence and direct access to a global network of decision makers. Previously, he was Managing Director of a proptech consultancy and Commercial Director of the UK's leading property site.

  • The bridge between Eastern-Central Europe and Top Leagues
    15:20-16:40: Road to Top Leagues - Bajnokcsapat terem

    What are the challenges and obstacles that hinder the development and integration of players from East Central Europe into the top leagues? What factors contribute to the success of East Central European players who have managed to establish themselves in the top leagues? What scouting and recruitment strategies do clubs and scouts use to identify and acquire talent from East Central Europe? How can football associations, clubs and organisations work together to improve the pathway and opportunities for players from East Central Europe into the top leagues? What lessons can be learned from the successful cases of players from East Central Europe who have made it into the top leagues and how can these lessons be applied to further bridge the gap between the regions?