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2023. május 30.
Groupama Arena Budapest

Dr. Erden Or

Technical Coordinator, Turkish Football Federation

Technical coordinator and project, research and development coordinator of the Turkish Football Federation. He's an education and development specialist with 25 years of full-time experience in sports and football. He has managed many projects and educated many people. He has also gained a lot of experience in women's football and previously worked as a freelance consultant in club organisation, youth development and event management.

  • Development in coach education: Turkish Football Federation Sample
    15:30-15:50: Role of National Associations - Kupagyőztes terem

    The role of national associations in the development of football is crucial, as they provide the framework for the development of football in their respective countries. They are responsible for organising leagues, national teams and grassroots football, all of which are essential components of football development. National associations also play an important role in regulating football and ensuring that the sport is played in a fair and safe manner. Without their support and commitment, the development of football would not be possible, making it an important and central issue in the football world. As they set out on the journey towards success, what obstacles must they navigate and what factors will pose the greatest challenge, both now and in the years to come?