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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

Pablo Alberola Talamantes

Head of the Methodological Department of the Academy, Villareal CF

Pablo is head of the Methodological Department at the Academy in Villarreal and, as part of the agreement between DVSC and Villarreal, tries to pass on his knowledge at the academy in Debrecen as well. Pablo has also worked as a coach in Villarreal's youth team and was with Valencia's youth teams for four years.

  • Unique cooperation between Debreceni VSC and Villarreal CF
    14:00-15:20: Management in Youth Football - Hall of top scorers

    In October 2022, DVSC signed a professional cooperation agreement with an internationally recognised football club, namely the Spanish Villarreal CF. The agreement between the two parties runs for three years and provides for three professionals from Villarreal to offer methodological assistance and technical support to the coaches of the DVSC Football Academy in their work in Pallag for at least nine months a year. This cooperation can open up new perspectives for youth education in Debrecen.

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