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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

Marko Nikolic

3x champion and cup-winner head coach

He's still a young coach, but he has already achieved many successes. He has won championships in Slovenia, Serbia and Hungary, but also the Hungarian Cup, the Serbian Cup and the Russian Cup. He was also voted coach of the year in Serbia and Hungary. Nikolic has also qualified for the group stage of the Europa League with Partizan and MOL Fehérvár FC.

  • The Winning Mentality
    16:30-16:50: Envisaging Coaches - Hall of Cup winners

    A winning mentality plays a crucial role in successful teams and players. This attitude can lead to motivation, confidence and continuous improvement that will enable you to achieve results and perform at your best on the pitch. What exercises and training can help improve mental stamina? What mental strategies can you use to deal with stress and pressure? How can you become mentally stronger from failures?

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