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30 May 2023
Groupama Arena Budapest

Katarina Pijetlovic

General Secretary, Union of European Clubs

The Union of European Clubs (UEC) is the representative football association established to better represent and promote smaller and medium-sized professional clubs across Europe. With her decades of experience in sports law and unparalleled tenacity, Katarina Pijetlovic leads the organisation's work to improve support and advocacy for non-elite professional clubs across Europe.

  • The rise of UEC
    12:00-13:00: Trends in football - Hall of Cup winners

    In the shadow of the battle of the giants between the Super League and the Champions League, the lobby of the smaller clubs, perhaps never so desperately in need of a voice in the maze of football diplomacy. But how to organise the representation of the interests of thousands of smaller clubs? What is the organisational background of the UEC and how and with which instruments can it take up the gauntlet in the battle for interests?

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